Save Contact Numbers of Hospitals in Your Phone Book

by - January 12, 2017

If you've not done this already, do it right now. Saving hospital-contacts in your phone-book is what you should do as soon as you buy a cellphone. Save the numbers (including their emergency or ambulance numbers) in your phone. If there are multiple numbers for one hospital, save all of them. You never know when you would need them.

Search for all the hospitals near your house and save the phone numbers. Also, save numbers of hospitals near the areas you most frequently go to, including your office, college, boyfriend's locality, etc. Additionally, save numbers of hospitals near your parent's house, if you don't live with them.

This is highly important. Not just for you and your family, but saving contacts will be useful for an emergency anytime. You're walking on street one day and there's an accident, without any due, you would immediately dial up to the nearest hospital. No need to search for a hospital on internet and then search the number and then call them up. Remember, it's an emergency. You see an accident, you take out cell, dial hospital, call the ambulance. You can save someone's life by this; imagine!

Therefore, I request you guys, as soon you're done reading this line, save the contacts, and in return save a life.

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