My Instagram Store Announcement + Free Online Shopping Printable

by - January 04, 2017

Hi, all! I am overwhelmed to announce my new Instagram store, JocoVerve. Follow it right now and then come back to me > @jocoverve

I've started it along with my best bud Mrudula. Things the store will offer...
- Diaries
- Calendars
- Planners
- Laptop Cases
- Makeup Pouches
- Sunglasses
- Clutches
- Handbags
- Shopping Totes
- Travel Essentials
- Crop Tops
- Pants
- Dresses
- Jewellery
- Home Decor

We're trying to include more and more products, so it'll be wonderful if you be patient and support us.


As you guys are sweethearts, I've designed a printable, which is absolutely free. Sometimes you order so many products together, that you don't remember whether all of them are delivered to you or not. Just print this sheet on an A4 paper and keep a check on your online shopping.

In case you've not followed my store yet, do it pronto > @jocoverve 


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