3 Ways You Can Personalize Your Stuff

by - January 11, 2017

Sometimes, you see that a classmate or a roommate has something that you already own. Be it a similar toothbrush or a notebook, differentiating your stuff from theirs could be difficult. I've listed down three adorable ways in which you can perk up your stuff, thus winning the competition!

You can use those adorable glitter tapes on your stuff to distinguish them. My mom and I have similar toothbrushes. So in order to mark my brush, I've stuck a sparkly silver tape on mine. This is such a great way that no matter how sleepily I take the brush, I can still make out which is mine.

You can attach a ribbon or a mobile charm to your stuff. When you have similar looking pendrives, this method can be great. Long ago, I had shared about charms on pendrives, you can use that trick. Your stuff will instantly glam up.

Last and the most commonly used tool. Just write your intitials on your stuff. At my place, we have two similar looking bluetooth mouse. We've written 'Sa' on one and 'Su' on other, indicating the first two alphabets of my brother's and father's names respectively. This is the easiest way there is.

How do you personalize and mark your stuff?

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