Miss Claire Soft Matte Lip Cream 05 Review

By Rutuja Bhagwat - July 28, 2016

I am glad that my best friend introduced me to this brand. I love everything about it and I'm gonna buy it in different shades very soon. There are pastels, nudes, and dark shades available, and at one point, choosing one shade would indeed be difficult.

Read on further to know the detailed review.

The packaging looks adorable. As the tube is made of plastic, it is travel friendly. The fonts are pretty, adding to the design of the product.

The application is super smooth. The wand just glides on the lips. You don't need to moisturise lips before applying it. The texture is creamy, like the name says.

Looks more subtle in real

I loved its colour. It's my go-to pink shade. It is a shade between baby pink and pink. Looks subtle and classy on white skin tone, whereas a bit flashy on other skin tones.

The lasting power is good. If you apply it in monsoon, lipstick won't fade away. It doesn't smudge too. Also, while eating, it goes off a little, but after rubbing lips together, the colour is spread evenly. Due to this, one need not bother about lips looking horrible after meals; you just have to rub the lips together and the work's done (temporarily, but definitely done). I have never reapplied this lipstick, unless I'm out for long, and really need to look fresh again.

- Smooth application
- Super inexpensive
- Shade goes on almost every skin tone
- No need to moisturise lips before application
- Looks great on lips as it's matte
- Smells different, but good
- Good lasting power

- Availability could be an issue

Must buy!

WEIGHT: 6.5g
PRICE: Rs.150
FROM: One of the beauty stores at Crawford Market, Mumbai


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