How to Freshen Up Yourself During Periods

by - July 16, 2016

If you're like me when it comes to the pain of first days of periods, this post will be useful for you. On the first day, we girls feel so gross, so depressed, and we're literally crying in pain wishing we were boys. On this day, you become so weak and fatigued, that you have absolutely no energy to take a shower. If that's the case with you, don't worry; I have figured out a fantastic way to freshen yourself up.

On the first day, when you finally start to gain energy and also when your pain is reduced, you can follow this method to freshen up yourself without showering, but feeling as though you actually have. I know that showering during periods is the most important factor of personal hygiene, but the weakness has certainly overpowered us, and there's no way we are showering; what if we faint inside the bathroom?

That's exactly when TPCG comes to the rescue. These are the steps I actually follow, without feeling worn out at all.

I had previously mentioned about this particular trick on the blog. But for this post, I'll write it again. Baby wipes are the best kind of wipes for cleaning your vagina. They're the mildest kind of wipes out there and as they're meant for after-potty cleansing, they're obviously mild for your delicate areas too.
Grab a baby wipe and clean the vaginal and anal areas. You can use one or two wipes, depending on how dirty the areas are. Don't worry about blood sticking to your fingers, as you can wash your hands using a hand-wash later.

Once you're done cleaning, sprinkle vaginal powder down there to balance  wetness caused by wet wipes. The fragrance of the wipes and the powder will make you feel instantly fresh.

If it's one of the summer seasons, you'll feel like changing your clothes. Do that, or else, you can also skip this step. But, if you've got stains on your shorts and underwear, you'd obviously want to change them!

You don't need to necessarily detangle your hair, but just brush softly down your tresses and tie a sideward ponytail. As you'll be sleeping and resting the whole day, a back ponytail will hurt your head. So it is better to tie a ponytail sideways. By doing this, you'll get all your hair together, plus those irritating strands are off your face.

During periods, we tend to sweat a lot. Best way to feel fresh is to wash face. Take your regular cleanser and wash your face thoroughly, thus not missing out on the forehead, especially those areas near hair.

Usually, when we are about to meet the due date, we can see a pimple or two popping up on our faces. You can apply pimple-reducer creams like a toothpaste, and clear the acne before you're all set to head back to work on the second day.

Lastly, spray a mild deodorant on your armpits to feel, and smell fresh. Don't fail to spray a mild deodorant, as the heavy ones can lead you feeling nauseous, and then, throwing up. You never know what can be a good turn-off when on periods!

These are the actual steps I follow on first days of periods, when taking a shower is just a difficult thought.

What method do you follow?

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