Everyday Makeup Essentials for Beginners

by - July 04, 2016

A college-mate asked me tips on everyday makeup, as in how to apply makeup and the essentials. So here I'm sharing those basic necessities every beginner must own in order to step into the world of makeup:

No matter what your skin complexion is, you must, must own a BB or a CC Cream. This cream moisturises, protects from sun, conceals spots (to an extent), and evens out skin tone, making it look gorgeous. Ditch the foundation and get one of such creams.
I have tried SeaSoul HD Finish CC Cream, Faces Correct and Care Cream, and the Maybelline BB Cream; out of those, I liked SeaSoul the most. 

In order to let go off the oiliness on your face, dab some compact powder. Use a powder that has an SPF, so that you don't need a sunscreen. Compact powder is basically a tinted talcum powder, you can say. Of course, it has that 'cosmetics' kind of feel.
I've used the Lakme Radiance CompactStreetwear Perfection Neutral, and the Maybelline White Superfresh. I loved the Maybelline one the most.

If you're not getting the perfect line, it's time to ditch your old kajal pencil. Get a pen-styled waterproof liquid eyeliner and try that good ol' winged eyeliner. Such pens are beauty. I recommend the Hilary Rhoda Eyeliner Pen. Though I have not used it, my best friend has, and it looks perfect.

You obviously cannot wear reds or pinks everyday. Therefore, get a matte lipstick in nudes, baby pinks, or light browns. The idea is to just get an even tone on your lips.

If you're not a lipstick-girl yet, purchase a tinted lip balm like the famous Maybelline Baby Lips. You can put it on your lips and look just darling as ever!

If your eyelashes are thin and scarce, get a volume-boosting mascara. This is optional, as according to me, mascara is not really for the beginners (as in, not really needed). But, if you're ready to put in more money, go ahead and buy one. I have the Maybelline Waterproof Volum' Express Mascara and it does the job nicely.

What do you recommend for the beginners?

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