6 Types Of Lists You Should Make

by - July 20, 2016

Everybody must make following lists to have a fun-filled life:

This is one such list not just book lovers must make, but also everyone else should make. If you're not really into books, it's fine. You don't have to read those cool books that are trending, but can make a list of those books you're interested in. For example, love sports? Make a list of books on great sporting personalities. You can read autobiographies, biographies, or books on records. You can make a list of your interests and then search online for all the must-reads in that genre. Make a list of it, and start reading!

I am a person who definitely has this list. Though I don't have time to watch as much as an average young adult watches, but there are tons of movies, TV shows, and documentaries I want to watch. You also can make a list for yourself and keep a track of movies you want to watch and have watched.

This can be any local trekking spot or a country you want to badly visit. Make a list of all the cities, museums, countries you want to visit, and you'll know your next vacation spot!
This can be bizarre things. For someone like me, who does not drink or smoke, something like 'Taking a Puff' or 'Drinking Once' can be a part of this list. (Don't worry; I don't have it in mine.) You can write down weird sex fantasies, or something like going to the jail at least once. (There are people who have such things.) Make a list of all those adventurous activities you want to do once before you die.

Like I always ask you guys to make a daily to-do list, seriously, make one. You'll know how you procrastinate your tasks and how you really need to start working and making an organised schedule. Try to finish as many daily to-dos as possible.

And finally, for all the foodies out there, make a list of recipes to try and restaurants to visit. It'll be useful as you'll know where to go on your next date, along with the knowledge of how to make a Nutella Chocolate Brownie Pie too!

What kind of lists other than those mentioned above have you made?

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