Fun Thing to Do while Reading

by - July 02, 2016

I've been reading books one after the other. While I was discussing with a classmate, I realised how fun reading can be, if you do more, which will result in getting more. Every day, I have a conversation with someone or the other, related to the books and it only gets interesting. As I'm pursuing a postgraduate degree in journalism, I have many #booknerds in my class. It's fascinating to be around them and get into a talk about the same. 

I thought to write on this particular trick my classmate Mansha uses. It's so adorable, you'd definitely want to try! She's currently reading Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell and the book is 1000+ pages wide. While I was reading the synopsis of the book, I noticed there were many things inside her book, which appeared as though they were bookmarks. I asked her why she had so many bookmarks and that's when I learnt this trick. 

Every time she comes across an activity or a moment while reading, she keeps records of them on the page she is on. For instance, if she's eating a chocolate while reading page number 202, she'll keep its wrapper on that page. I saw things like railway tickets, a Cadbury chocolate's wrapper, a bus ticket, and many such things. I asked her the reason and she said that it was something she did; she safeguards the memories and moments while reading a book. How wonderful! 
In her wide book, you'd find so many things that look classic, timeless, and mesmerising. I would definitely do this as I'm a memory hoarder too. 

I also have one more way, which I'll be sharing soon. Happy reading, until then, and do tell me in the comments below about your relationship with the books you read.

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