Shampoo for Coloured Hair! – L'Oréal Professionnel Vitamino Color Shampoo Review

by - September 04, 2018

After going through a horrible hair phase – which lasted for about two months – I finally thought of doing something about it. I applied a homemade hair mask that transformed my hair from dull, lifeless, thick, and rough to smooth, silky, and nourished hair. I was surprised seeing the result and loved looking at my hair in the mirror (which was contrary to what I felt for the past two months). I was determined to nurture my hair henceforth so finally decided to purchase a shampoo and conditioner meant for coloured hair. 

When I coloured my hair at Enrich salons, my hairstylist recommended me the L'Oréal Vitamino shampoo, conditioner, and masque. After two months of the colour, I finally added the shampoo in my cart and tried it out. 


Colour radiance protection shampoo, specifically formulated for coloured hair, powered by  A-OX technology – a potent cocktail of UV-filters, a tocopherol derivative, panthenol and neohespiridine. Hair fibre is protected and colour radiance is enhanced, while gently eliminating residue and enhancing shine. Hair looks instantly softer and shinier, right down to the tips.


The product comes in a shiny baby pink bottle. The brand, product name, and directions to use have feminine colours thus giving the product a classy touch. You just need to flip open the cap and squeeze down the bottle for the usage. Overall, I'm impressed with its packaging!

DIRECTIONS TO USE: Spread evenly through wet hair. Lather. Rinse. 


The consistency is liquidy and has a fine lustre. The fragrance is delicious; it's towards the sweet side which makes your showering experience delightful and refreshing; the fragrance is a blend of fruity and floral, and I believe it's utterly aromatic! Loved the way it makes me feel!


To test this shampoo, I wet my hair and used about two dollops of the product. I rinsed it off using warm water and then applied a small portion of the Amazon Series Tucuma Hair Conditioner after. I kept the conditioner for three minutes and then rinsed it off using cold water. I did not apply any hair serum thereafter. 

REVIEW: To be very frank, I disliked the way my hair looked. They were smooth to touch, no doubt, but appeared dry and frizzy. For my own satisfaction, I shampooed my hair again after a couple of days, and used only one dollop of the product, and smeared a greater portion of conditioner. However, the result was same – my hair was smooth to touch but frizzy to look at. And then I wondered why this happened and sat with the shampoo bottle in my hand. I read the ingredients and instantly regretted wasting my money: the product contains sodium laureth sulfate – the worst enemy of my hair. I should have researched carefully before blindly buying this shampoo. I am still going to experiment with the quantity taken while I shower, and play with the quantity of the conditioner alongside too. I would even try if a hair serum does any good. I'm disappointed. 


- Fruity fragrance
- The silky, smooth hair to touch
- The fact that my hair colour is protected
- The cute packaging
- Inexpensive


- Includes sulfates – a big NO
- The hair looks frizzy after application


You can clearly see in the above collage how dry and frizzy my hair look! The second image is from the next day after the wash, and yet, the dryness is so prevalent. Usually, I have nice hair a day after I wash them, as the natural oil from my scalp is released by then, thus making it well nourished yet clean. But after using this shampoo, I experienced frizziness even after two days of the wash. I don't recommend it even a bit, especially to those of you who have undergone cysteine/keratin treatment before and are looking for suitable shampoos. This product has sodium laureth sulfate, which can make your hair frizzy! Stay away from the shampoo, I plead.


Weight: 300 ml
Price: Rs. 635

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