Camping at Rajmachi | Vlog and Pictures

by - November 14, 2017

Similar to other camping plans, even this was decided spontaneously. Anurag had asked me the day before, but I had rejected without giving it a second thought. I was leaving for Goa on 9th and the camping plan was decided for the 8th. Though we were sure to come back home around 11:30 on the 9th, I still said him a straightway no. However Anurag, like his typical self, convinced me to tag. We were going with his colleagues – a boy and a girl, and no, they are not a couple! So here are pictures from our camping trip, followed by a vlog!

Fixing neon lights on way

Dinner at Mr Kailash's house

Check out the Camping at Rajmachi vlog:

Contact Mr Kailash for tent and food arrangements: 9158254490

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