A Tropical Paradise at Cola Beach

by - November 18, 2017

The third day of the trip was my cousin's birthday so we had preserved the best thing for the last day. We had planned on visiting the Butterfly Island followed by Cola Beach, both down south. After reaching Palolem Beach, which by the way is where we get boats for the island, we learnt that one of the fishermen friends was no more, and so all the ferries were shut in his memory. 

We were disappointed as we wanted to visit this island too dearly. Nevertheless, we lunched at the Baba's Little Italy, which is a recommended diner from my end, and then started for Cola. We had to take an off-route to reach this place. Firstly, when reaching the top, we were stunned to see the breathtaking view. We clicked a lot of pictures here and then walked down towards the beach. Our initial stop, which obviously, was the incredible blue lagoon. There's nothing like it, guys! Then, after immersing ourselves deep in the lagoon, we tried the beach. The guards held us back as it was refrained to go in the waves. Credits to the jellyfishes, we stayed back on the sand. We ended our time at the beach by snacking at one of the shacks. The teetotaller I gulped down watermelon juice infused with lemon and mint leaves. We headed back to our guest house, saddened, as this was our last night together.

Check out the pictures from Day 3 followed by a video!

Watch the vlog:

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