Lost in the Beauty of Arambol Beach

by - November 17, 2017

Day 2 of my Goa trip with cousins started with a heavy breakfast at my favourite cafe Baker's Street, which is in Penha de Franca. Soon after we were done, we left for Arambol Beach. We didn't immediately jump in the waves but walked through a trail to reach a beautiful place – the Sweet Water Lake. Following which, we went inside the Arambol Beach that was exactly opposite to the lake. We were splashing water and were in a war with the waves – sometimes the sea won, sometimes we did. When it was getting darker, we left for our rooms and changed into party wear. We were going to a beach party as it was my cousin's birthday the next day. We reached Anthony's karaoke shack, which is at Baga, precisely at 11:58 pm and cut the cake at dot 12. After getting sloshed and singing karaoke (finally, this is off my bucket list), we reached our guest house at 3:30 am. Tired, it was a peaceful sleep we got that night.

Here I am sharing pictures from the very long day, along with a vlog towards the end:

Watch the vlog:

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