My Travel Story: What Drives Me to Travel Incessantly

by - March 06, 2018

Revived after discovering Vibhuti Falls in Yana, Karnataka

In one of the travel groups on Facebook, admins found a brilliant way to celebrate Women Who Travel ahead of the International Women's Day. They used a hashtag to bring out the stories of all the women who are a part of the group. The women were asked to share their travel chronicles revolving around their struggle to travel solo (a topic that gets my attention every time), their travel pictures, and an inspirational anecdote of what travelling meant to them.

Reading the stories of these brave women who travelled passionately, I thought of sharing my own story with the members. I rather took this seriously and attached a bunch of photographs along. 

Regardless of whether you have been following my blog for past four years or are a recent follower who is intrigued seeing my content on Instagram, you would have the same question: what is it that drives me to travel incessantly? 
I throw some cues on the blog every now and then but the answer remains incomplete. 

Here's my travel story I shared with the group


I've been travelling with my family since I was a kid. Every alternate month, my parents and their siblings took us to lakes, dams, resorts, and parks. I believe the travel bug in me was conceived during those days. 

The travelling continued in the form of school picnics, which were a day long, and then the college industrial visits that went beyond a week. Meanwhile, the family getaways to devotional places in India or an international trip went on.

I started my lifestyle blog four years ago, in which I covered everything from study tips to organising closet. I started expanding the topics and covered fashion, beauty, food, and the one that still remains and is the closest to my heart, travel. The first travelogue I shared on my blog was a 29-post series about my 30-day stay in Shanghai, China. I got a good response and people told me they were looking forward to more travel diaries. 

Gradually, I was applauded on how I travel a lot and that's when I looked back on the places I'd visited and reminisced every part of the journey. Later, since I wanted to share more about my travel, I started going on a half-day treks, one-night camping, and two-day trips. I started trekking more, discovering more and travelling more. 

Of late, last year, I went on a 10-day bike trip along the coasts of Konkan, Goa, and then Gokarna. About a couple of weeks back, I quit my job since I plan to take my travel stories beyond what it is now. I started vlogging and sharing about offbeat locations in the country. 

Today, I call myself a travel and lifestyle blogger with the aim of educating India and the world on the number of incredible places around Mumbai, i.e., in the state of Maharashtra. I have noticed that when people visit this state, they tour Mumbai solely and then head downwards for Goa or upwards for Rajasthan. I want the world to see this exotic and beautiful side of my home state. 

To all the women in this group, may you find the strength, courage and opportunity to travel more.

Happy Women's Day in advance. 

My love for travel cannot be inscribed using mere words. I wish you could join me on my journeys and get a taste of everything I have seen and see the places I have been to. This tale is just about a drop in the ocean and there are so many components that inspire me to travel.

What is your travel story?

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