Beach Trip Essentials: Selecting Bags + Packing Tips

by - March 30, 2018

(Before we begin with the post, I would love if you read my extensive Beach Travel List. SPOILER: It comes with a fun graphic!)

I've divided today's post into steps that I personally follow. The packing starts with making lists, picking up the right type of bags, and then finally ends with filling up light-weight, compact essentials. 


When it comes to packing––or in that case, anything in life––I always believe in making lists. Usually, before heading on a trip, I have about two to three lists. One of which, doubtlessly, is the things to pack. The second list includes things to do before going on a trip. For instance, on a beach trip, I would be wearing a swimsuit and shorts with a cute tank, and for this, I would require my body to be flawlessly smooth. Therefore, in the things to do list, I would include waxing/shaving. Other things like painting nails, putting on a facial mask or charging powerbank are always on this list. 

Once I am done preparing with these two lists, I have an outfit list going on in my head. The first two lists are on a sheet of paper but the third list is usually placed on my mind. The list includes a mental planning of activities I would be doing, the restaurants I would be dining at, and in general, reflecting the itinerary. For instance, if I would be hitting a beach, I would no doubt require a swimsuit but I cannot wear it while I'm travelling or while I am having lunch in a fancy restaurant. So, accordingly, I would pack a swimsuit along with travel and lunch outfits separately. 

This is regardless of whether the trip is a short one-day trip or a long 10-day one. The longer the trip, the more difficult it is to process the activities mentally, so under such circumstances, I would make the third list on a sheet of paper. Once I am done with all the three lists, it’s about time to pick up the right bags. 


If I am going on a day trip on a bike, I would carry a backpack but if I am going on a day trip in a car, then I carry a tote. If I am going for camping, I would take 40 L rucksack or if I am going on a longer duration backpacking trip, then I would carry my 60 L rucksack (along with a backpack for my gear).

For this trip, since it was a one-day trip and I was travelling in a car, I carried my tote instead of a backpack. Also, since I had planned two more outfits––one for the beach and one for lunch––I required another bag, which I called the luggage bag. Lastly, for all the little essentials like facewash, makeup, et cetera, I required another bag, but a smaller one. So my third bag was a pouch which was perfect enough to store travel essentials. (And for a travel vlogger like me, I also carried a tripod.)

Now that you know how I plan my outfits and pick up bags, let’s get into the type of bags you require for a day trip to the beach:


Usually, we always have that one shoulder bag we carry on trips, which is kept closer to the body. So if you’re travelling by flight, it could be your carry-on bag, if you are going for a vacation, it could be your purse and so on. When it comes to a beach trip, you require a stylish, vibrant tote that would complement well with the vivid ambience and your summer outfit. (My friends had gifted me this eccentric tote on my 24th birthday. The moment I saw it I knew I was carrying it to beaches and the like!)

Your shoulder bag includes all the quick essentials that you need while travelling. For instance, your wallet, tissue papers, the lipstick you're wearing, hairbrush, sunglasses, et cetera. For this trip, in my shoulder bag, I had packed my wallet, medicines, sunglasses, sanitary pad, mobile tripod mount, travel-sized body lotion, current lipstick, wet and dry tissues, watch (because I usually tend to forget wearing it while getting dressed), hairclips, water bottle, and a mobile charger.


The second bag––which I called the luggage bag––includes everything apart from what you put in your shoulder bag. This also includes travel pouch.

When you’re going on a trip to a beach, you require something bright and cheery which would go well with the season. So avoid bags that are dark and go for colourful bags. You can either carry a duffel bag or a cute shoulder bag. Since I did not have a summery duffel bag, I used a pretty, pastel multicoloured shoulder bag.

In your luggage bag, you can pack your extra outfits, towel, an extra pair of footwear, extra sunglasses, travel pouch, lingerie, sanitary pads, tampons, and other essentials.


I cannot function without a travel pouch. I am clueless as to how people travel without a pouch. I have seen fellow travellers stash their essentials in little side zips of their bags. When it comes to packing, I am an organised person. I cannot tolerate dumping toiletries and other essentials in side compartments. I need a pouch anyhow. I have different sized pouches and I switch in between them depending on the essentials I am carrying.

Apart from all the resourceful items kept in your shoulder bag, you can keep your travel-sized toiletries like facewash, shampoo and conditioner (refilled in two small containers), intimate wash, body wash, makeup, earrings, etc. in your travel pouch.

What would you add to this list?

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