Weekend Getaway to the Sea: A Day Trip to Alibaug

by - March 26, 2018

The Arabian Sea as seen from Mandwa Jetty, Alibag

For our "friendsversary", Anurag and I thought of escaping our cement jungle and dipping in the Arabian Sea. We don't have many friends in common, so it's either always the two of us or Anurag's friends or mine. This time, Anurag's friend tagged along as he constantly reminded us of how he was a kebab mein haddi

For this trip, sadly, though I shot most of the journey, I could not put the clips together into a vlog because we did not do anything extraordinary. We could neither swim in the sea nor sit at the beach. We wasted our time by looking for a room so that we had a place to change into a dry set of clothes after the beach. However, when we finally found a room, it was too late for a swim as it was 3:30 pm by then and we were to have lunch around 5:00 pm at Alibag's finest.

Nevertheless, we wasted Rs.1000 for a room at the Samudra City resort. The only good point was that the room had air conditioning, which meant, we were safeguarded from the afternoon sun almost throughout our trip: firstly, because we travelled in my car and secondly, because of the A/C room. (Another good point was that I could change my pad and patiently zip down my navy blue romper in the comforts of a hotel toilet.)

We left on 22nd March at around 9:45 am in my dearest Polo. Anurag parked his bike below my building and off we started our journey. He hasn't driven my car much so I was tense and I won't lie. (But I loved how later he became skilled at it as he got a hold of the car and I could sense the difference in his driving.)

Enjoying my time at Boardwalk by Flamboyante restro

The distance from my house to Boardwalk by Flamboyante (the fancy restaurant which was our main reason of going all the way to Alibag) is about 3 hours, but kudos to the traffic, it took around 4 hours to reach Mandwa.

On our way, the boys breakfasted on misal pav while I just watched them eat (and obviously, having bites of the pav dipped in the spicy misal from time to time). The hotel was not a good eatery because though the food was decent, the crowd wasn't.

We reached Mandwa Jetty hassle-free as the roads were easy to track. If you want to visit this restro, just put it on Google Maps and it would direct you aptly. We reached the Mandwa port around 1:30 pm and for two hours later, looking for a place. We finally entered the Samudra City room and though it was compact, it felt so homely!

We watched television for an hour and then, started dressing up for lunch. I had carried a lovely, backless summer gown for lunch but the guys were dressed in cargos and shirts, which did not go well with my gown. So I retained the romper, washed my face, and reapplied makeup. I just did this yet I felt freshened up. 

We checked out from the hotel room at 5:00 pm (while silently shedding a tear for paying a grand for just 2 and a half hours). We sat in the car and drove towards Boardwalk, which is located at Mandwa Jetty. We parked the car outside in the chargeable parking space as private vehicles were not allowed inside the port area. The place looked so dreamy as the winds threw my hair back. We had arrived at the coast's poshest area and no wonder people visited it dearly. 

Ocean themed store outside Mandwa Jetty

While walking, towards our right was a public space to click photographs against the scenic Arabian Sea. We promised to click photos at this point after our meal. Towards our left was a souvenir shop with beautiful elements that captured the essence of the ocean: a silver anchor, yellow starfishes, striped ropes, and a soothing sky blue painted across the walls. We walked further and on our left again, was Boardwalk by Flamboyante. 

I had seen a couple of friends enjoying a meal on social media and since then, had this restaurant on my list. Though on Zomato the reviews weren't excellent, I wanted to try the restro out for its splendid view, stylish decor, and the very existence of it. 
We entered through the door and were directed to take another door if we wished for an outdoor seat. The place also has a limited option for indoor seating in case it gets too sunny or is raining heavily. 

After passing another door, the scene we had in front was beautiful! White decor, sky blue sea, and refreshing ambience. Instead of the white tables, we chose the blue-and-white striped sofa with bamboo chairs towards the end of the restro, which was on the far right after entering. Our table had the aquatic panorama on one side and a row of fresh, green plants on the other.

The first thing we did, of course after a dozen of pictures, was calling for drinks. Both Anurag and I ordered a mocktail infused with three types of berries topped with vanilla ice cream. Anurag's friend ordered a bottle of beer. Next, for starters, we ordered paneer tikka and potato wedges. The flavours were different from what I had tasted elsewhere and I cherished the spice. The first was smeared with peri peri sauce while the second was covered in garlic mix and was served with mayonnaise. 

Relishing on paneer tikka and a berry infused mocktail

While still relishing the starters, we ordered a shaslik paneer sizzler with a combination of noodles and rice. In totality, all the drinks and dishes were scrumptious. The service was extraordinary and the view, though harmed due to the ongoing construction, was divine. 

We were to lunch until the sun set down, but after experiencing traffic and learning the kilometres between Alibag and Mumbai, we decided to leave earlier. We exited the restro and as promised to ourselves, clicked pictures at the selfie point. We noticed an empty beach from up top but did not venture to its shore.
While sitting in the car, we noticed deep honey shaded sunset that looked so unreal.

We started back home and yet again, Anurag was driving. He had a mild headache so we stopped for coffee at Kamat's. After a quick break, we resumed the journey. By 10:45 pm, I was at home...

I'm unsure of how to describe this trip. It was a futile Alibag trip with no beach and no water. It was crazily expensive as we spent Rs. 2000 on petrol, Rs. 1000 in the hotel room, Rs. 2000 for lunch, and some more cash for breakfast and tea.
To sum it up, the trip was an expensive, lavish getaway from the city. And I wouldn't crib as it was a stimulating one!

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