Summer's Arrival and the Difficulty to Travel

by - February 18, 2018

Konkani hills sunbathing after a downpour in September

Agreed, Mumbai is not blessed with a chilly winter season but whatever the temperature, whatever the coldness, the weather has unquestionably begun to change. We're nearing February end, which implies the sun is all set to curse Mumbai once more. (I'm getting a milky image of the sun with a face, wearing his black wayfarers and smirking at us.) Summer makes us alter our travel plans. Unlike monsoon, which is an apt season for trekking or withdrawing to a natural milieu, or winters, which are ideal to escape to a hill station, summer is completely bland. It might be wildly hyped in western countries but I openly say I hate it.

The second reason why I despise summer is that of fewer travel opportunities. (The first reason obviously being the humidity and the shift to a city-size oven.) The travel options confine down unless you're considering setting out to a state that's constantly chilly or to someplace abroad. Summers have always been a challenge and what's worse is that my birthday falls on 10th of March. I never have kickass plans on my birthdays because summer days are sunny, humid, and loathsome, though around a  year ago, we had been camping to Kelwa beach, which is a quiet, unruffled shoreline about 2 hours from Mumbai.

New year, new plans, however the same old enemy––the sun. The options left to travel in and around the city reduce and we are left with either setting an alarm at 5:00 am or sneaking out once the sun sets down. Either way, we miss out on a large chunk of the day.

I never disliked this season as much as I do now. It could probably have to do with my increased inclination towards skincare and the impending tan that clashes with my appearance. Last year, around September, when I had been to Gokarna on a bike, my back was fully sunburnt. Not just my back, but my arms and feet were roasted too. When I returned from the 10-day long excursion did I notice the gruesome sunburns and how wretched I looked. Since then, I have started reconsidering before stepping out after 10:00 am.

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Things being what they are, how am I planning to manage my travels in summer? Like I said before, I would either hike to a nearby hill by stirring up at dusk or begin prior in evening––that is around 4:45 pm––to a nearby lake and hoping to witness the sunset. Aside from these feasible options, I would keep a stone on my heart, cover my face with my mom's dupatta, guzzle a great deal of water, and do whatever I like to, at whatever point I need to. So if I wish to trek up the high Harishchandragad, then I would do it; so in that case, the sun wouldn't stop me from doing so.

Another workable alternative could be an overnight stay in a lush resort or plunging down a slide in a waterpark. I have already kept these two options at the back of my mind and would execute in case there's nothing left on my summer bucket list.

Wondering what the sunny season has in store for us...

What are your travel plans for the upcoming hot months?

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