February Goal: Reviving My Blog from the Ashes of Busyness

by - February 14, 2018

Another post and yet another platform to vent my heart out and to apologise for being ridiculously inactive on the blog. It's on my mind for quite some time and finally, around a couple of days back, I executed my thoughts. I quit my job as a full-time content writer at Della. I had put down my papers and was serving a month's notice. I don't think my reasons would do any justice especially because I loved my job and I had an extraordinary chance of travelling abroad at company costs. Call it my misfortune or the way that this was not meant to be, but I had to quit it. Some internal nuisances drove me to take this step. After sending a resignation email, I used to just stare at my computer screen and my eyes would turn mini buckets. I wanted to stay back for the adorable colleagues and a good working environment, but then my quitting was crucial as well. I wish the things did not occur the way they did and I wished I worked here for a longer time, but I am sure I would get an opportunity as good as this, if not better.

For now, I am simply going to unwind and let my life be. I know one thing for beyond any doubt that I have a phenomenal future. What are my goals for Feb? All things considered, it's just one:

to revive my blog from the ashes of busyness.

So I had developed an amiable bond with my colleagues because having been spent about 12 hours with them each day for over two months coupled with the rate at which I get attached would make me miss them. However, I just have one aim now, which is to become a famous travel and lifestyle blogger.

Tomorrow I have to go to the office to collect my salary and once I'm done with that, and of course celebrating Valentine's, I would start brainstorming and creating an action plan. I have worked in a lot of companies and if I put in the same amount of hard work, seriousness, and professionalism in my blog instead, I would be on a different level altogether. This is what I'm going to do.

I remember those days when I was a degree college student and was living off entirely on my parents' money. I was so dedicated to my blog that for me, composing a post every day was vital to the point that I used to write even during my university exams or even when I was travelling or even when I was sick. I used to focus more on the quantity rather than the quality but now, there's a sea of things I have learnt and know why the quality is beneficial.

I met a couple of colleagues who actually cared about the content and not the pictures. I always thought people are more interested towards the superficial content but it turns out, it's not entirely true. I was honestly sick of not reaching the top and wondering what is going wrong. I knew the answer, but I chose to ignore it.

Hope I get what I am looking for and hope you have a fantastic February full of dreams-come-true.

What are your Feb goals anyway?

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