January 2018 Favourites

by - February 04, 2018

It is completely beyond my understanding how a month passes by so quickly. Just a few days back I remember I was climbing Kalavantin Durg with my cousin and a group of friends and how exhilarated I was to be on the top, kickstarting the new year doing something I absolutely love. I remember how I was looking forward to the new year, especially my job since I was turning a month old and my best friend from college was joining me on the team. I also remember buying a cute, sundress as a birthday gift for her and then after that, the whole month just flashed by. January was a sweet month with sweet moments and a lot of hard work.

Looking back on best of Jan memories:


Something that I am not able to do as of lately is to trek and dance on nature's laps. So this trek up the huge Kalavantin Durg was close to heart. Climbing this peak in dark was my first night-trek and I'm happy it happened on such an eventful date.


Guess who is the second ranker in MACJ course in my college? This scholarship completely blew me off. One odd day, I get a call from a lady who shares this good news with me. It took me a couple of seconds to digest that I had topped and was receiving a scholarship from college. It was such an insanely proud moment to go up the stage and collect my certificate with the cash prize. I am overwhelmed and surprised. So joyous to have ended my education with a scholarship in my hand!


My college best friend got accepted in my company and also in the same department. I would be handling another major task soon that's gonna gulp up my entire work, which has made us grow a little away from each other. I hate that the thing that brought us close is now the same thing that is keeping us apart. Nevertheless, I am sure we would work on something and hope the situation normalises.


Scanning through all my internship days, I can affirmatively say that the current company I am working with has no intra-politics whatsoever. Everyone works as a team and though we don't hang out on Saturdays post-work, whatever time we spend in the office is fun-filled. The colleagues are funny and the boss is inspiring. Also, my work is about to get better and better. I had shared on Instagram that I would be travelling to Milan in April, and though it is not confirmed yet, I am hoping it does. Looking forward to an amazing February.

How was your first month of 2018?

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