Visiting Historical Places in Delhi

by - December 21, 2017

How often has it happened that you eagerly wanted to visit a place and alas get to visit it? Delhi was on my travel list since the day I learnt it was the capital of India. I earnestly wished to roam around in a cycle-taxi (if that's what they call it) to the historically vital places like India Gate, Red Fort, Qutub Minar. The recent addition to the Delhi list being the Sarojini Market, I had heard stories of how you get a piece of clothing for a cheap 20 rupees here.

While I was planning my itinerary for Shimla, I had two optional routes: via Delhi or via Chandigarh. Though the latter was a lot closer to Shimla, I finalised on the former because of its importance in my travel list. I was as delighted as a child when he gets a balloon since I had two days to explore Delhi.

The first day was the halt before we boarded a bus to Shimla. We had gigantic rucksacks on our shoulders and we resembled turtles—carrying our homes wherever we went. Our train reached Delhi at noon and hence we were famished until we stepped down at the Hazrat Nizamuddin station. Our first thought, undoubtedly, was to have lunch. The sole purpose of taking the Delhi route was to visit the famous places. So off we went to Chandni Chowk to have local food in the Paranthe Wali Gali.

We did a little google search and ended up eating kachoris at JB Kachori Wala, paneer paranthas at Paranthe Wala, and a sugary rabdi, just opposite to it. Our next planned task was to roam about in the metro. Again, Delhi Metro is famous across the country.

The second day was before our train back to Mumbai. The day was elongated due to a 12-hour delay in the train and we utilised it like typical tourists. We visited the Lotus Temple, which was a disappointment since we couldn’t carry our luggage through the gates. Next, the Red Fort, which was a historical and architectural marvel—thanks to the substantial area of land it is spread across and the enticing feeling you get the moment you see it.
Our next stop was India Gate and the adjoining Raj Path, but one of my friends had misplaced her phone in the Uber, so we couldn't make it to the legendary locations. The rest of the daylight and the following evening was spent chasing the cab and multiple detours. Finally, we ended our Delhi Tourism Spree with Sarojini Market.

I hadn’t seen such low rates anywhere in Mumbai and the prices left me in complete awe. I purchased three pants and a couple of more things. We lastly dined at a restaurant nearby and hired an Ola for Hazrat Nizamuddin station for our train back to Mumbai. Finally, Delhi was off my bucket list.

Watch the vlog that takes you through the historical places:

Scroll through more pictures from the day:

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