Should You Get Gel Nails?

by - December 26, 2022


It's baffling, I must say. A few years ago, getting nails done wasn't a fad in the country, but now, forget the women in their late 20s and 30s, even the school kids are getting acrylic extensions and gel nails. 

I've always been a lover of nail polish, but most of my life—well, at least the college years—I've had only black nails. In fact, one of the two names I had jotted down for my blog back in 2013 was "The Girl with the Black Nail Polish". No kidding, I swear.

Later as I got more comfortable with colours, I went for red nails, and then grew fond of pastels. Eventually, now, I am okay with most colours except royal blue, green, and yellow. There was a phase in my life when I would paint my nails regularly, but that eventually faded with the kind of effort it took. 

All of a sudden, in what seemed like a blink of an eye, girls around me started "getting their nails done". I thought those were acrylic extensions at first, but later I was introduced to this amazing concept called gel nails. 


When you get a manicure, your nails are coated with regular nail polish and dried in a dryer. But what if you're a busy person and want to save some time? That's where gel nail polish comes in! Gel polish is similar to traditional nail polish, but it's a lot more durable and doesn't chip as easily. When you want to take it off, you just need to put on some nail polish remover and the gel polish will dissolve. On the other hand, traditional nail polish will need an acetone-based chemical to be dissolved away.

Another difference between gel vs regular nail polish is that gel polish needs to be cured under a UV or an LED lamp, while regular nail polish is dried naturally. 

Now the answer you're looking for...


Well, it depends. Maybe you can try it once and see for yourself what difference it brings to your outfits, mood, and perspective. For me, gel nails make me feel decked up and complete (when it comes to my looks). The shine on the nails can be seen even in photographs! They last long...between three to four weeks without chipping. Just the nail growth can make the polish move upwards, which eventually will look unattractive. However, chipping is rare. 


If you ask me, it totally depends. For someone with a work-from-home job, it might not be worth it, but for those who step out, socialize and do a lot of clicking, gel nails would complement your look. They retail somewhere between Rs 400 to Rs 2000 for ten fingertips. That may be expensive for some, and affordable for others. 

So that amounts to Rs 300 a week if you consider Rs 1200 for ten fingertips and the lasting duration being four weeks. 

I'd suggest giving it a try. Pick a festive season such as your birthday, festivals, events or trips and get your nails painted. That way, you'll have neat nails during the peak time plus you won't regret it later.

There's one hidden cost behind gel nails: The removal of the polish requires additional charges, and although I could peel it off my nails, most probably you'll have to visit the salon after a month to get the polish removed! For a good salon, the charges for gel nails are around Rs 1200+ with Rs 400 as the charge for the removal. So keep this hidden cost in mind before you prep yourself. 


Go for darker shades initially to avoid turmeric staining. We don't want any disappointment at the very first attempt now, do we? If you hate long nails, cut your nail short and hit the salon. You'll find your nails grow gracefully along with nail polish.

I honestly loved the fact that my nails would shine at all times, irrespective of the occasion. I may not get it just for the sake of it, but perhaps during my birthday or a festival or a trip, I might just go for it! 

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