How to Find Useful Christmas Gifts for Your Best Friend

by - December 20, 2019

Days quickly blend together when you’re busy. You might be greeting the beginning of September one day and next thing you know, December is ending already. That means it’s almost Christmas, and you should be done with your gift shopping by now. If you haven’t even written a list of the people you need to buy gifts for, you’re in serious holiday-rush trouble. 

One person who will always be on your list is your best friend. However, this doesn’t necessarily make the gift-buying process easy. You’ve been buying them gifts through the years and you don’t want a repeat of items you’ve previously bought. Here’s how you can find useful gits for your best friend this Christmas: 

Scope their Social Media Accounts
If you and your best friend are two busy people, chances are you don’t get to spend as much time together. This means there is not much time to see them in their natural habitat and talk about the littlest detail that can give you an idea of the perfect gift. Fortunately, their social media accounts will give you plenty of ideas, especially if they post about their personal passion more than their professional achievements. From their social media, you can get some ideas on what kinds of products to buy. 

Are they a fan of having their makeup on point? Eyebrow makeup for sale might come in handy. Do they choose comfort over style? Those comfortable hoodies and pajamas might be more to their liking. Take their social media account and use the information you gather wisely. 

Think Back to Past Events
Not repeating gifts is an unspoken rule; however, it’s not a hard rule. You can bend it if you remember your best friend being exceptionally happy with one gift you gave them some years ago. But add a modern twist to it. For instance, if they loved the planner you got them in 2017, give them a more trendy version this year. How about those organizers with free coupons in them? Similarly, if your friend is a fan of gift checks over gifts, take that as your cue to just get them something they can use however they want. What if your friend doesn’t like receiving expensive gifts? Consider going the DIY route and giving them a personal item that you made yourself. 

Trust Your Gut 
The whole gift-giving process can be quite the stress if you have so many casual acquaintances to buy gifts for. You don’t know what they want and how they will react to your gift. Giving them something is just a courtesy––and you don’t expect much from them either. However, if there’s one person who shouldn’t be giving you a problem, that’s your best friend. If you see something that immediately makes you think of them, perhaps that is the perfect gift. Forget prices and trends and everything else––if it feels right, then it must be. 

Your Christmas is better spent relaxing and taking some time off with your friends and family. So don’t stress over gifts and let your friendship guide you to the best present you can find.

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