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by - February 18, 2019

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Welcome to the Cheap Shopping in Dubai blog post. I am so overwhelmed with the response I received when asked if you wish to know some cheap Dubai shopping tricks. Firstly, before I begin, I would like to embolden the disclaimer here: these tips are for those looking at non-branded items only. Anyone looking for branded shopping tips, well, you have the money, you see the discount/sale boards outside the shop, you simply rush in and buy! But for someone who is already broke due to the lavish Dubai lifestyle or have used up quite some cash and now need to save up, continue reading. 

I personally don't go for branded clothing anymore. There's only one reason for it: I can buy three pieces of non-branded clothes at the price of one branded piece. Well, that's just me; I like having more clothes!

Shopping is one of the things to do in Dubai, and I'm here to guide you on the same. So, let's explore some affordable fashion in Dubai. 


There are a number of stores where you can buy stylish sunglasses however I recommend Miniso. Sunglasses start here from 15 AED (300 rupees) and the quality is exceptional too. You will find one Miniso store in almost every other city centre/mall, however, if you are looking for a particular Miniso store, then simply go to the mall's website and search for all the running stores. For instance, if you are near Dubai Mall, simply go to its website and check their list of shops. 

I have purchased some really inexpensive clothes; so inexpensive that I purchased good quality jeans for as low as Rs 300! My favourite stores to shop for clothes are Carrefour and 1 to 10 or 1 to 20 DHS stores like Edo or Day To Day. You need to keep an eye on such stores as they have really inexpensive products. The Edo and Day To Day stores had such cheap clothes that all my tops are for below Rs 200 and all the bottoms, below Rs 400. I truly went crazy shopping there!

The Dates Market in Dubai

The UAE, or the Middle East area for that matter, is home to date palms thus producing different types of dates including those that are good for diabetic patients. Dubai produces dates as well as imports from Saudi Arabia. The dates market in Dubai sells a variety of dates including the Madjul, Ajwa, and Fard. I think dates form a wonderful gift for your friends and family. There are even dates covered with chocolate and are surely a must try! At some places, the prices are fixed, whereas, at some, you need to bargain! You can buy dates from supermarkets like Carrefour, Lulu, etc. too. The affordable rates vary from Rs 300/kg to Rs 600/kg. 

Ted Baker and Soap & Glory are probably the only two brands I shopped from Dubai. That too I did it because they were quite a deal. There are many pharmacies where you get makeup and perfumes. The one I recommend is Boots because there's always a 'Buy 1 Get 1 Free' or 'Buy 2 Get 1 Free' going on there. I purchased Ted Baker travel sized body mists on a B1G1F offer. I paid Rs 400 and got two body mists. Also, under the same offer, I bought two Soap & Glory dry shampoos for Rs 300. Apart from this, they also have lipsticks, mascaras, body lotions, and gift sets. You should definitely check this section out!

Dubai is known for its perfumes and nobody leaves the city without buying one. If you are okay to spend on perfumes, then you can visit any store, however, since this blog post targets the tourists on a budget, I would recommend buying perfumes from local stores than from big malls. You would stumble upon these local stores in the residential areas in older Dubai (Bur Dubai, Al Karama, etc). Or if you cannot visit one, then try small perfume stores in the city centres across Dubai. (Pro tip: Keep an eye on local news; there are often expos selling branded perfumes for less, especially at places like Dubai World Trade Centre. I purchased Victoria's Secret body mist for Rs 660. )

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For cheap shoes, you can try Carrefour and 1 to 10 or 1 to 20 DHS stores like Edo or Day To Day. However, if you want some really gorgeous pairs (that too, a lot of them, and yes, the branded ones), then check out Brands For Less (I had visited the one in Ibn Battuta Mall). You would get top branded shoes for as less as Rs 1,200 and each one is beyond gorgeous.

Don't we all love small everyday essentials like makeup sponges, pocket notebooks, cute tumblers or sweet body scrubs? If you're someone who loves buying little items, then nothing like Miniso, Mumuso, Ximi Vogue, and Daiso. The products here are extremely cheap and I'm sure you will buy a cute-something from one of these stores. I recommend visiting all the four because they're unique in their own ways and the more you explore, the more you get! There's another store called Typo; however, the products here are a little expensive. I purchased a laptop case for Rs 1,200 and it's unbelievably sturdy! 

Chinese products are fascinating because of their price point and creativity. The Dragon Mart is a cheap shopping mall in Dubai that brings China home for you. With its humongous size, you're sure to find anything from electronics, clothes, accessories to perfumes and beauty here. I bought a light-weight, 4 ft. tall tripod for Rs. 4oo and a USB reading light for Rs. 100. The only problem is connectivity. It is located inside the International City in Dubai so you'll have to go there by cab.

The Karama Bazaar in Dubai is an Indian market selling first-copy designer bags, watches, sunglasses, shoes, jewellery, etc. You also get gold, perfumes, textiles, and handicrafts here. Whether it is Louis Vuitton or Gucci, you would get first-copy designer bags for less than Rs 5,500, and yes, you need to bargain to achieve that price! Another market for cheap goods is the Meena Bazaar. Definitely must visit markets in Dubai.

traditional jootis old souk Dubai
Embellished jootis at Old Souk Dubai

Dubai is known for its souks; so whether it is the gold souk, the Madinat Jumeirah souk, or the old souk, you're sure to find beautiful antique and traditional pieces in these souks. You can check out the old souk which lies near the Abra creek in Bur Dubai for its handcrafted cushion covers, embellished shoes, jute bags, Moroccan designed plates and bowls, Dubai-centric souvenirs, spices, and a lot more. This market works on bargain basis so make sure you know the prices well and are a good negotiator. 

1 To 10 Dhs / 1 To 20 Dhs Stores
Ximi Vogue
Boots Pharmacy
Brands For Less

TIP: Keep an eye on expos happening at Dubai World Trade Centre and the flea markets selling used clothes (they usually happen on weekends). 

Apart from these stores, visiting Dubai during the DSF (Dubai Shopping Festival) would be a good idea. However, since this is the peak time, the air ticket prices would be crazy high. Please note that the stores I have mentioned above are for someone with an absolute low budget. But for those who are okay with average prices, you will surely find much more than this!


If you're staying in Dubai for a long time without shifting your hotel, then you must know different Dubai shopping sites. I personally shop from Souq Amazon and Brands for Less mobile apps. They have some really crazy deals and I have purchased a leopard printed trousers by Mango for as low as Rs. 200 and a velvet tank top by Juicy Couture for Rs. 180 from these sites during the sale. For makeup and perfumes, check out Souq and I'm sure you are going to be bowled over after looking at the prices!

Dubai on your wishlist but your budget is low? Check out my Explore Dubai on a Budget guide right here:

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