Stay Options in Nainital: The Warm & Aesthetic 'Himalaya Hotel'

by - January 08, 2019

Nainital is one of India's favourite summer destinations. So whether it is rowing at the Naini Lake or simply enjoying the cold climate, people love this hill station. I'd shared two posts on things to do in and around Nainital. The first one being a list of tourist-friendly and popular spots inside the city and the second post talking about offbeat things to do around Nainital. Once you have finalised the destination, the next part is booking the stay.

The best hotels in Nainital undoubtedly would be those having a Naini lake view. Whether it is getting a peek of the lake from the room's window or simply a view of the bunch of hotels and houses at its shores, you must be as close to the Naini lake as possible. Also, this is where good things take place. This is where the Mall Road is, this is where you'll come across cafes brewing hot chocolate and restaurants serving delicious food. This is where you shop souvenirs to take back home. This is where you'll find a private cab for touring Nainital. 

If you're looking for a place that is close to the Mall Road and has a Naini lake view, then Hotel Himalaya should be your pick. It is budget-friendly and has exotic woody decor that emits Nainital vibes. It was one of the first hotels to have come up in the district during the British rule and completed 100 years this year! It was built in 1918 and catered to the Indian royalty back then.


Talking about the stay, I stayed in a huge family room with my parents and brother. The room had two double beds and a door in between to provide the necessary privacy. We were so used to staying together for these two days that we wished all the other hotels had this facility too. Anyway, I loved how the middle door provided some privacy yet we could enjoy the togetherness. The decor here is classic, wooden-style; yes, the one that emits instant warmth and cosiness. And considering it is 100 years old, I must say, it has been brilliantly maintained. There are single rooms as well as family rooms so you can choose accordingly.


My mother still praises the food we had here. She keeps on talking about the taste and the preparation to everyone who asks her about our trip. The must-try breakfast item here is aloo paratha that is served with fresh curd and pickle. Also, you need to order their variety of soups to keep you warm from within before you hit the bed. And, and, they have an in-house bakery that goes by the name 'Baker's Hut'. You have to place an order in the morning if you wish to have it by the evening. You can also drive to their sister hotel 'Hotel Pavilion' to pick up the baked items! I tried their walnut pie and freshly baked coconut cookies; they were delicious! In totality, the food here is unmissable and if someday you wish to stay back at the hotel instead of touring around, you can doubtlessly order from the hotel and it won't disappoint you one bit.


The view is mind-blowing. Like I said earlier, you can see the beautiful Naini Lake from here along with all the establishments located at its shores. It also guarantees privacy and you can keep your curtains drawn out without hesitation. When you're checking in, you can request the staff to provide you with a room with the best view, because I know, a room with a nice view is everything people desire these days!


Talking about the amenities and activities, there's a huge basketball court and the view from there is fascinating. This would be like the best court you have ever been to for its views! They even have mini golf with nine courses and the whole area brims with climbers and flowers. The view from here is beautiful too. Along with outdoor games, they have a gaming room, which has ice hockey and other rooms. There is an indoor restaurant, a conference room for corporates, a place to light a bonfire, and a terrace to enjoy the view of the lake!


Take a flight to Pantnagar domestic airport or a train to Kathgodam railway station and then hire a cab for the hotel. Alternatively, you can fly or take a train till Delhi and then hop on a train for Kathgodam station. The distance between Pantnagar airport and Nainital is about 68 km and from Kathgodam to Nainital, the distance is roughly about 41 km. 


Contact nos: +91 98 3707 7930 | +91 70 6023 6677

Watch my Nainital vlogs (#1, #2) to get a better perspective of this stay option!

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