How to Travel More Frequently

by - July 17, 2018

Due to the steadfast pace and the unavoidable pressure to perform the best, even the toughest of us are weighed down and are thriving to survive. People are moving outdoors in order to get back on track and have a life apart from the unending rat race. However, not all of us are fortunate to have a job that lets us travel frequently. May it be because of lesser salaries, lesser opportunities to score a long vacation, or simply, our lazy attitude, all of us wish to travel but somehow, cannot.

In this post, I help you with certain tips that might help you travel more, and travel often.


I particularly remember the scene from the Salman Khan, Priyanka Chopra, and Akshay Kumar starrer movie Mujhse Shaadi Karogi, where you can see the young Salman obsessing with his money pots which he saves for carrying out certain duties towards his beliefs and his families. Likewise, you can keep aside an earthen pot to yourself, wherein you put some money from your salary on a monthly basis. Even if you keep aside a couple of thousands, you make a lot by the yearend that can fund your first international trip to a place like the exotic Indonesian island, Bali, or a budget trip to the extravagant Dubai.


I need not tell this since a lot of you already wait for weekends to hit the road and have fun with your pals. But in case you're a lethargic person who loves outdoors but are too lazy to plan anything, then let me write it in bold for you––make the most of your long weekends. If you plan a trip spontaneously, then chances are, you'll end up going to Lonavala. You obviously need a week-prior planning for making your holidays joyous. Search for a long-weekend list online and make a note on your calendar. Pick out destinations, research on how to reach, what to expect, and lastly, gather all the power to convince your friends. And, just like that, you are travelling on every weekend!


I have been focussing on this very point since forever. When there are so many promising places around you, what's the need to travel somewhere far in order to calm the wanderlust bug? You can open maps and scan for all the travel-worthy places around you. Jump on a city tour bus and go get awed by your nation's rich history in those galleries! Get in touch with a local trekking group and go make friends. Travelling does not just mean crossing political boundaries.
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If your salary does not let you travel, then the cheapest way to still unwind is to hit the outdoors. You can set a camp beside a river, hike up a hillock, trail through a forest, or drive down the roads of a lesser visited place to do nothing but have tea and a plate of snacks. The options are endless. If you want to camp, just buy a tent––which would be a good investment––and venture anywhere. If you're scared to go in nature alone due to various reasons, the best thing is to pay a little extra and join a trek/camp group. Trust me, I had been with a group once, and I made so many friends!
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When I was in Kolkata, I had made this awesome friend Pratibha, who told me about a student-run organization AIESEC. She told me she was going to Egypt for one and a half months for about a lakh rupees only. I was surprised, and no doubt wanted to learn about it more. So she told me how this organization runs. There are two options on their website: one, to volunteer (wherein you pay money and in return help some needy cause) or two, you work in a full-time job in some other country where you only pay for the travel and the salary, along with your stay and food is taken care by your hosts. If you're an English teacher and want to stay in countries like Vietnam, China, and the like, go check the website immediately!


How do you think all those who travel full-time can afford the tickets and the hotel stays? You think they have some inherited money with which they can explore the world? For some, it could be; but for most of us, there's only one way how we fund our travels: by freelancing. You won't be making enough money and might have to switch to budget trips instead of the luxurious resorts but trust me, the places you would be visiting and the financial freedom you would get, would surpass it all. You just need to analyse what service can you provide online; for instance, if you know to code, do coding, if you're a mind-blowing graphic designer, help companies with your talent, if you have the decent ability to put words together, then be a freelance writer, and so on.


We all have an aunt who always cribs how we never visit her. If you want to travel, the best way would be to visit your relatives. Their happiness would be beyond words plus you get a free stay, free food, and free mini-trips around the place they live! How perfect! If your dad stays abroad, just book the cheapest flight tickets and get going!
Additionally, our college friends move out of the city for studies or a job, and you can definitely crash at their place, especially if their home allows anyone in. Have a friend working in Bangalore? Go to the Garden City and explore in and around. Have a friend studying in the UK? Save some money and get going. By visiting your friends and family, you save a lot of money plus get a really nice company to keep you.


Enough of your 'I don't have money' or 'My friends are too lazy for a trip'. Save money and go solo, if there's nobody to accompany you. Who told you travelling requires a lot of money? You just need to know where to spend and where not to. Travel cheaply and by local transport, eat local food or at cheap joints, stay in a decent hotel, and the list goes on. If you want something badly, the whole universe conspires to make sure you get it. Remember that. 

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