Trescho Florida Rose Essential Perfume Review

by - June 09, 2018

To quote the legend, Coco Chanel, herself, “No elegance is possible without perfume. It is an unseen and an unforgettable accessory.” It's true and I completely jibe with her as I am a person with a sensitive nose. Every fragrance has had some importance in my life. For instance, a chocolate fragrance takes me back to my school days when my crush smelled like he had just sprayed a chocolate deodorant and I used to catch a whiff while he passed by. Then a certain bold aqua fragrance reminds me of my uncle as it's his signature note and he has been using a similar one since we were kids. Likewise, Florida perfume reminds me of a friend from my 8th-grade classes as she always smelt like a rose...

So I was looking for a good perfume the other day and luckily the team from the Trescho perfumes contacted me. I adored almost all the bottles from their collection and had a hard time picking only one.  However, after spending a good amount of time, I finally selected their Florida perfume. It is an Eau de Parfum and has a floral fragrance. Long story short, I totally adore it. My review:


Florida's packaging is what caught my attention primarily because of its diamond-like cap and crystal clear bottle. The perfume name, which is embossed in a circular design, makes the packaging even cuter. Further, the light pink liquid made me want to read further. 
The perfume comes in a matching box that yet again looks really adorable. The overall packaging has a lot of cushioning, so your glass bottle remains safe from cracking. In a gist, its packaging is sure to turn heads.


The perfume comes with a spray nozzle and you just have to press it to release the perfume. It’s quite effortless!


The perfume has a sweet harmony of flowers and fruits. It includes blackcurrant leaves and notes from fruits like pear, mango, melon, cedar, and musk. Its original and signature notes include orange blossom and are complemented by rose petals. 
The composition begins with a compound of orange blossom, silky rose petals and peony. The heart continues with harmonies of rose nectar, fruity subtleties, jasmine, and vanilla. The base tops it all with a woody accord of patchouli and sandalwood.

Out of these constituents, the strongest note, according to what I smelt, is rose. Also, melon. You can say, you will get a rosy melon aroma after the application. The rest of the notes would be suppressed because of the dominating rose. The fragrance is floral, needless to say. It is classic if you want to add a feminine touch to your mood. It even bends towards the festive side, so if you’re wearing a beautiful pastel suit and a flower-garland around your hair bun, this perfume would sustain the ambience extremely well. The fragrance is quite long lasting and is sure to catch anyone's attention.


- Adorable packaging
- Beautiful, feminine fragrance
- Inexpensive
- Available online
- Splendid gifting option


I don’t think there is any!


The Florida perfume by Trescho is truly an amiable gifting option as it will fit in your budget and would make the receiver feel really special. The fragrance lasts long and bends majorly towards rose. So if you like the rosy fragrance or know someone who does, then the Florida perfume would make a remarkably tender purchase. I would surely buy this again as I am charmed by its look, fragrance, and the longevity. Also, I don’t need to break my piggy bank for always smelling good! 

There are a ton of options by Trescho and you can purchase your own perfume, absolutely hassle-free, on Amazon. They also have attars, so if you’re an attar fan or know someone who is, then you have a ton of options to select from. I found the product details on Amazon really informational as they've clearly mentioned about all the three layers; hence, even if you despise or are allergic to a particular fragrance, you can pick your perfume accordingly.

Will I buy Florida Rose Essential perfume again? Yes, I certainly would. I would even be delighted to try more from their range, especially Miss Amber and La Fleur perfumes.


WEIGHT: 100ml
PRICE: Rs. 650

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