by - June 28, 2012

This one I had written for my BFF! A year ago :)

She came into my life, like a beautiful dream.
Can't think of letting her go.
Heart's stopped beating and I'll die right before.
Why is there pain in this world?
Why is there hate? 
Why our hearts are so weak, 
That in no time they break?
She is my Best Friend, and forever be,
Can't think of life without her.
There won't be left any Best Friend,
as sweet as her.
And when I think of all the moments I shared with her,
goose-bumps start jumping on me.
I'm so helpless,
I don't know what to do.
Just save her God.
She trusts you so much,
Please don't take her way from me.
Even I love her as much as you do.
The only difference is I help her.
God, I'll lose my faith in You,
Don't let me do that.
You'll lose a devotee, just see to it.
I'm so so crying,
She's the one I'm thinking,
She'll have a bright future,
I trust You, God...

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