Saree Day 2016

By Rutuja Bhagwat - February 09, 2016

Somehow, 2016 still sounds odd. I'm fixed in 2015, I guess. Nevertheless, today was Saree/Traditional Day plus a disappointing one too. Firstly, from the batch of 65 students, only three girls had draped a Saree; others were in Punjabi suits and some were in casual t-shirts. More shocking was the guys...only two boys had worn a kurta. The class still somehow looked like it was Traditional Day, and so I was pleased.

The biggest fear probably is the fear of  your Saree coming off. And on top of wearing a Saree, I travelled by the second class compartment of a local train. I could have gone by a first class or taken an AC bus and drove to college comfortably, but I wanted to wear a Saree and purposely go in the second class, amidst the maddening rush. I wanted to experience what most of the Indian working women experience--especially what my mom did back then.
And let me tell you, not even once did I feel my Saree was coming off. I was comfortable, in spite of having my handbag and one paper bag in hand. I felt so good.

The worst part of the day was the absence of my best friend. When I was leaving the house this morning, I checked messages and one was from her. She had messaged saying she had woken up a few minutes ago. I was still calm as she would come anyway.
Later, I was standing on the platform, waiting for the train that was 13 minutes late, and I was browsing through social sites. I get a message from her saying she was not coming today as it was impossible for her to get ready and reach for the lecture. I just replied with an "okay", and my mood was dropped from 100 to 0 that very moment.

I still went to the college and was happy to see one of my good friends--Kruti--wearing a Saree and waiting for me near the college's entrance. I hugged her and we went upstairs.

After the lecture, we clicked few photographs, and then I went home. My former college's Saree Day and this college's Saree Day are beyond comparison. Those were the days...


Thank you! xoxo

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