Monday, 4 December 2017

November 2017 Favourites

November was all about travelling. Right on its first day, I had been trekking to Gorakhgad fort. After that, just a day before I was leaving for Goa, I went to Rajmachi fort for an overnight camping. Then for three nights, I went to Goa with my cousins. Soon, after around four days, I left for Shimla. So if you ask me, what was the best about November, it would be travelling. But, what's so special about writing here are the little moments that in actuality made me happy as I was travelling.


If you've been following my blog, you know how much my cousins mean to me. Though I couldn't meet my youngest brother, I met the rest. We went to a place which we always dreamt of as little kids – Goa. We had all the fun and all the roaming. It's always blissful around them! Watch my Goa vlog to meet my cousins!


My brother constantly talked about this particular beach and always murmured something-lagoon. I ignored until I saw the pictures. I was in awe! After visiting this lagoon, I understood the exact definition of a paradise and I'm glad India has one. Watch the Cola's incredible beauty in my vlog.


Never thought I would visit any of these snow-clad places so soon in my life. It wasn't snowing but I got a gist of how mesmerising a place like that could get. Overlooked by the magnificent Himalayas dressed in white, no wonder Shimla is a honeymoon destination. Such a pretty place to be. The temperature had fallen to 2 degrees, and that's the lowest I have been! It was so deadly, it took my breath away! Watch the ongoing Shimla vlog here.


Started shooting montages as my vlogs and then continued with me talking, I am proud to finally have kickstarted this whole vlogging thing. Many people wanted me to shoot videos and I hope I made my followers smile. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel here.


I had two dates with nature this November: the failed trek to Gorakhgad fort and the peaceful camping at Rajmachi. You can read the story behind the trek here and watch my first vlog, which was that of my camping at Rajmachi, right here.


Ooh! This pointer has a special place in my heart. It's adorable how Mumbaikars and Delhites always debate on which city is better, so I've always disliked Delhi a little (and I won't lie). But, when it comes to travelling, Delhi and the Taj Mahal are two places/monuments you have to visit/see in India. It was rather shameful it took me 23 years to visit the capital. Nevertheless, I am delighted to be in Delhi and the Chandni Chowk, and the Red Fort, and the India Gate, and the wide streets, and the oh so fantastic Sarojini Market! (By the way, I shopped a lot here!)

How was your November like?