Thursday, 2 November 2017

October 2017 Favourites

October was a mix of emotions. I was happy because of the new phone and dad's arrival and lots of new makeup, but also sad due to my ill health, my mom's hospitalisation, and as a result of which, the cancellation of Pune trip. In spite of the unsatisfactory situations, there are a handful of reasons why I smiled in the month of October.


Without a doubt, this was the best thing to happen. I finally purchased an iPhone with my own money! I get terribly happy to hold it in my hand and the camera is so good! You can read the backstory of the purchase here.


My dad got around 25 makeup products from Dubai and oh my God! They're all so beautiful. You can check them out over here. Let me know which product review you would like to read first.


My mom was hospitalised due to dengue. On the night she was admitted, I couldn't help but cry. I could not sleep as I was missing her badly. All I know about hospitals is that once you're in, there's no way out. This has happened with my granny and my aunt, both of whom are not in this world anymore. I was frightened that they don't claim any other illnesses and trap my mom in the hospital. Just the thought of it didn't let me sleep. But, thanks to my best friend Mrudula who stayed with me and calmed me down throughout the night. My mom's all fine now.

What were your favourites from the last month?