Sunday, 1 October 2017

October 2017 Goals

October usually makes me happy because it is Diwali month (well, most of the times) and my dad's birthday month too. Keeping aside the October Heat (gosh, it's creeping me out already), this is going to be a joyful month!


My dad's coming home for Diwali and then we have planned to go to Pune to meet cousins, uncles, and aunts. We are visiting Pune just for a day, but my extended family would be spending a night at my Pune House, which I'm so excited about. For some reason, I like when people visit my house. My doors are always open for friends and family. 
Diwali also means the first morning on Ram Maruti Road, Thane, which I look forward to every year.


Like I said in my yesterday's post, I am quitting my job and don't have any job next in line. I have to think about the future as I'm planning to take up something other than a job. (I'll write about it in a couple of weeks.) I'm just hoping everything falls into place. I hope October gives me new opportunities.


I'm going to work on my fitness again. I'll probably join a gym or run on a nearby jogging park. I have already accustomed my body to the 3-hour-gap-eating, where I eat a meal after every three to three and a half hours to keep the metabolism running. So far it has worked wonders. Along with eating, I'll start sipping green tea from tomorrow. 

What are your goals for October?