Sunday, 22 October 2017

New iPhone 8 Plus!

Finally, the first goal is achieved with the purchase of an iPhone 8 plus. I'm not sure if I had mentioned here, but iPhone was a dream phone for me. And I was reluctant to take it from my parents. It was my goal to buy an iPhone with my own money because that's when it was worth showing off. 

You might be surprised and must have assumed that if I could afford to spend a huge amount, I must be having a lot of savings. But, you're wrong. I have purchased the phone off EMI. 

The cost of a gold iPhone 8 plus 64 GB in India is Rs. 73,000, whereas, in Dubai, it is Rs. 54,000. Without a doubt, I have bought it from Dubai, since my dad is currently on a project there. You would then wonder, how is the EMI option in Dubai. Well, so my dad purchased it without EMI. And now, I would pay my dad until the whole amount is paid.

The initial slab I am gonna give to my dad is Rs. 10,000 and then I would give more instalments as and when I think my account has sufficient funds. The process of repayment would have been easier had I not quit the job. But since there's no job now, I have to manage with my savings. 

We purchased the phone from Mike n Smith as they sell genuine products. This phone has a FaceTime, because, if you're not aware, FaceTime, WhatsApp calling, and other video-calling apps are banned in UAE. So if you're planning on buying any Apple product from the UAE or other middle-eastern countries, then ensure they're with FaceTime. You won't find a device with this in any official store or a premium reseller. So you'll have to buy it from an online store.

I am cent percent happy with this phone and it's like an upgrade from a studio apartment to a large mansion. The shift from an average Android phone to the latest Apple one was a beautiful experience and I'm gonna share a post comparing my previous phone with the new one. 

Looking forward to a healthy partnership with this new found buddy.