Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Maybelline Salon Expert Nail Polish 210 | Review, Look

Every time my dad is overseas, he sends us a link to an online website and asks us to choose whatever we want. My brother picks up an item or two, and I pick up around 15 items minimum. This time I purchased around 25 makeup products from a Dubai shopping site, out of which, few were nail paints. This Maybelline Salon Expert Nail Color in the shade 210 is a pretty pastel and I loved the colour. Read on further for a detailed review.


The bottle comes in a square shape with glass as the bottom and plastic as its lid. The fonts used in the name and branding are light, which takes the product towards a classier side. The bottle is large and holds up to 14.7 ml of polish.


The consistency is watery and so application becomes a bit difficult. You will typically get those lines on nails while painting. Due to these ugly lines, the work seems unfinished. You will have to paint three coats for good nails, and still perhaps be unsatisfied. The brush is narrow, which sucks especially for lighter shades. All in all, I had to struggle while applying (and who has the patience to apply three coats and wait for them to dry?).


The shade is light pink. It's almost nude with a tint of pink you can say. However, when it comes to distinguishing, I would still categorise it under the pinks and not the nudes. Since the colour is light and the consistency thin, you have to apply more coats to bring out the colour.
The lasting power is exceptionally good. However, since you've applied a thick layer, the paint could chip off in a different way. I had applied the polish on 17th October and today is 24th. I cannot certainly flaunt my nails today as the polish does look nasty, but it doesn't completely come out.


- Perfect pastel shade
- Inexpensive


- Many layers required
- Nail polish doesn't dry quickly
- Availability in India could be an issue
- Not a superfine finish


If you're a pro when it comes to applying nail polish no matter the consistency, then you should try this one out. Because in the end, who doesn't love pinky pastel shades?


WEIGHT: 14.7 ml
PRICE: 5 AED (Rs. 88.45 approx.)
SHADE: 210
FROM: Uae.souq.com