Friday, 1 September 2017

September 2017 Goals

To be honest, half of my September would be spent away from home. Like I had written a few days ago, I am going on a backpacking trip on the 1st of September (which is today), and would come back in 10 days. Rest of the month would include celebrating the blog's anniversary and meeting my best friends (as it's their birthdays). 

I am so thrilled for this trip! I was planning on carrying my laptop, but I thought it would be too stupid of me to carry it (because hello, my laptop is expensive and new!). I would still write a travelogue once I'm back and this one would be special as it's a backpacking trip. There's gonna be a lot of crazy moments and exclusive insights for you (psst, from a traveller and not a tourist). I am even excited for the clothes I'm gonna wear as they're all summery and chic! 


My darling blog turns four this 15th. I have so many things to express but I'm waiting for the big day. I might even conduct a giveaway in collaboration with my store JocoVerve. I'm so proud to have my blog with me.


Two of my best friends have their birthdays in September. I hope I get a chance to meet them. There's nothing special in my mind as of now because honestly, I'm all taken by the Goa trip thoughts. 


It's a shame. My MacBook Air's camera stopped working within a month. I have to use my PC to video-chat with my dad (who is in Dubai), and it gets annoying as my mouse is slow. I am procrastinating fixing this issue since over a month now. I need to get it fixed as soon as I'm back from the trip. Anyway, I was not expecting this from an Apple product. 

What are your September goals?