Saturday, 12 August 2017

New Drop Down Menu!

When I had redesigned my website, I was looking for a menu that looked mature. Earlier the menu had tabs, but I wanted something more exhaustive. Since I cover many areas, just having few categories was not enough. I used to get messages from my readers asking me where they could find a particular category. 

For instance, a couple of days back,  a reader had messaged me asking about printables. This is one category that I boast about because the efforts and creativity I have put behind in making them deserves some attention. Printables is one such category that was neglected because of the previous shallow menu. That's when I called shots that I would have a comprehensive menu. I thought having a drop down setup was the best idea because I could then develop some hierarchy to the menu.

Now, If you search for printables, you would easily find them under Declutter category. Building this complete menu required more than a week as there were many links to add and then connect posts under their respective categories.

You can now nicely search through my blog for precise curiosities. Comment below or message/email me if you wish to know how I developed a drop down menu.