Thursday, 3 August 2017

July 2017 Favourites

July was full of searching for jobs and reviewing all the products I received in barter. July sure did pass by too quickly, and there wasn't sufficient time to experience any favourite as such. However, there are some kickass beautiful things that happened to my blog and I'm so glad they did.

I was planning for a TPCG makeover since many days and finally one day, I started designing a header. The logo was ready since many months so there was no pain of designing a logo. I finalised on mauve/purple colour as an addition to the black and white that I had planned long time ago. I thought my blog needed to age with me as I am no longer a student, but would be a working professional soon. The pink looked lovely back then when in college, but now, since I'm no longer a student, something chic and classy would be good for it.

After researching a lot and paying around 1.5k for the drop down menu, I am loving it on my blog. I will write a post on it in next few weeks, and discuss about how I went along and what all categories and their subs I have added now. The drop down menu looks so phenomenal, I am impressed with my skills!

After a jubilant June, this month also was about receiving products in collabs. I collaborated with  brands like Ryaal, Reverie Box, Eat Anytime, and few other brands.

I crossed the first important Instagram benchmark by reaching 5k followers. At least now I won't be considered as "okayish" by people and companies. I would anytime prefer being a blogger over an Instagram influencer. Follow me on Instagram by clicking here.

I had written a review on Bella panty liners and in return the team sent me so many products for trial. I was overwhelmed! It was the sweetest gesture. What I learnt from this was that when you write genuinely and with heart, you have unexpected sweet surprises knocking your doors.

I have a big-girl skincare routine now, which I've been following since a couple of weeks. The routine is working wonders on my skin and I am thankful to the companies for sending me these products. (If you want to know my routine, comment below!)

This was the toughest trek I've ever tried. A magical and epiphanic experience, I will never forget how I felt while on this trek. I highly recommend this place for trekking. Read the full travelogue here.

How was your July?