Saturday, 26 August 2017

Finally, I'm a Master's Degree Holder

My results are out and I am more than happy to announce that I passed my fourth (and the last) semester with an O grade. I got 155 marks out of 200. I can finally say that I have a degree in Master's in Communication and Journalism (MACJ) from Mumbai University. 

What's so special about this result is that we had to submit a research based dissertation. In fact, the whole semester was about it; we did not have exams or any test and had to present our progress at regular colloquiums. I am happy to have scored 78% in that. 

There's only one person scoring more than me; she secured 160/200. Overall, my average for all the semesters is A. So you can say, I passed my MACJ with an A grade.

(In case you want some dissertation tips and tricks, I have one whole post dedicated for that.)

Anyway, do let me know if your results are out and how much you have scored in your respective courses.