Friday, 4 August 2017

August 2017 Goals

I am excited for the rest of August, because I might start with my new job from Monday onwards. Therefore, my posts would now be inclined in the direction of work (work bag, desk organisation, work outfits, food to carry, balancing life, post work gym essentials, etc.). Also, August has the celebrations of two relations––friends and brothers. Friendship Day is on the 6th and just a day later, Rakshabandhan is on the 7th. And, the best of all, GANESH CHATURTHI is on August 25! How very thrilled I am! 

I hope August is full of happiness and discipline. Here are my goals–

On friendship day, my group of junior college best friends and I would hit up a local lounge for dinner. Since it's a Sunday, catching them up for lunch in a fancy restaurant could be possible too. Or, I might meet my school-time best friends in the day and junior college ones in the night.

I've got rakhis for my brothers and have already couriered two for my brothers living in other cities. There's no plan yet, but I might invite my brothers home. The best thing this year is my mom's brother is in India. She hasn't tied a rakhi to him in a decade! So he's invited home for dinner and it will surely be warm. 

I am interested in a company, and I might join them from the coming Monday (yes, the Rakshabandhan day). They're going to send me the contract and I have to sign it and send it back. Let's all just hope the contract is not tight. Once I start working there, I will surely share its details with you.

Aha! Yesterday night I could not sleep because I was lost in the thoughts of how my August is going to be (work, work, work, and gym, and purple lunchbox set, and whether to put lipsticks or not). That's when I decided to shoot a 'What's in my Work Bag' video for you. I've already made a list of workbag essentials, so once my bag is all built up, I'll share a video. (It'll either be in this month or in the next).

Since I have decided to go to the gym after work hours, I won't be able to help my mom throughout the day, which is so not appropriate. As my replacement, I am going to pay for a new maid; however, cooking forms a huge part of life as well. Besides, I gotta train my body so that after I marry, I don't be all fussy and say that it's injustice that I'm working or why should I work, etc. I wanna work pre as well as post marriage (so I will have a happy married life). Anyway, getting back, I would wake up at 7:00 or so and start cooking entire meal.

It's August 3 already and I'm gonna be away from August 25 to September 10, so taking gym membership starting from August would be stupid. However, you never know; I might as well turn stupid!

Waking up early, cooking meal, going for work, then directly going to the gym, coming back home,  and lastly writing blog is going to be too much on me. I really gotta push my limits; and if my mom and millions of other women could do it, I can as well. 

This is something really huge for me and for you. I have planned to buy an iPhone 7+ or an iPhone 8 in Diwali (which is starting from October 17). Depending on the camera and the look, I would go for either of those. I think the 8 would be launched in September, so I can go through many reviews and then decide on which it is going to be. Till now, 7+ is totally on my mind. For a new phone, I am going to pay 17k for three months to my dad as he is going to purchase it and then I am going to pay back in instalments. We're buying it from Dubai as the 7+ that you get in India for 72k is for 53k in Dubai. (Of course I will not have a warranty, but I am sure I would use it nicely. Anyway my phones do not need any repairing as I handle them with care.)

Lastly, this is like a mini goal. I want to reorganise my closet in such a way that all the work-appropriate clothes would be in one pile and the fancier ones in other pile. Also, I have to clean up all my handbags and ensure they're undamaged to carry around. 

Whew! Such a long list of August goals!

What are your goals for this month?