Wednesday, 30 August 2017

August 2017 Favourites

Honestly, August just slipped by. I remember how at the month’s start I was about to finalise the job I’m working for right now. The weeks just passed by in a blink of an eye. For this month’s favourites, there are few things on my mind. 


Finally, I got placed in a startup and I am working as a content strategist here. The company is a B2C one, so it’s a great opportunity to write for different clients under one roof. The clients are from those fields that are somewhat alien to me. Some provide hosting, some are cafes; some deal in adult toys, whereas some are startup incubators. As these fields are new to me, I got a chance of reading stuff up. For example, I read extensively on the recent GST, the Ransomware that had gone viral a month ago, different sex positions (and openly looking at explicit content in office!), etc. Since the job is close to my house, I come home quite early.


The best thing to happen in August is cooking a full meal every morning. I make rotis, dal/salad, and sabzi before leaving for work. My mom prepares everything from kneading the dough to chopping the veggies (and also trying her best to wake me up at 7:30 am!). When I'm unwell, my mom cooks everything. As far as rotis are concerned, I make them until 9:25 am. Usually, my target is to make two rotis for my breakfast, two for my brother's breakfast, one for mom's breakfast, and three for my lunchbox. It's been a successful month of cooking so far and I'm proud.


I got a bob cut, as well as cysteine hair treatment done. Though I'm not happy with the treatment, the cut's looking really cute! Read all about the treatment here!


August was the best month so far because of this festival. Though because of my job, I had to come back, I enjoyed whatever time I was in Pune. I met my cousins and it was a jolly time altogether. Check out my pictures here.

How was your August?