Tuesday, 4 July 2017

New MacBook Air!

My wrists and eyes are paining as I've been sending out resumes for freelance writing jobs. I've sent to about 25 companies since morning. Few of those are reputed, few are intermediate, and few are startups. I don't mind how large or small the company is; I should get a chance to write, that's all.  

I had written in my June Favourites how I would share a post dedicated to my new Mac. In this, I will write about the configurations, the struggle behind finding a good deal, the hardships me and my cousin had to face for the payment, and other fun details.

Since my dad is going for work abroad, we needed three laptops––one for me, one for my brother, and one for dad. We have three laptops, but one of them is a ten-inch one. It's good for leisure and not for anything productive. I need laptop to write, my brother needs for designing, and dad for making presentations and excel sheets. It's difficult for any of us to work on the little guy and so we're going to sell it. 

While we were discussing about how we would be needing a laptop, dad just said let's buy a MacBook. And, in spite of the fact that I was owning a Microsoft Surface Pro 4, which is ten times better than a Mac Air, it still evoked my interest. I said I was willing to give up my Pro 4. 

We had casually discussed this, and some days later, dad was saying how the prices of electronics will go up after the implementation of GST. I went to Pune, and suddenly remembered about buying a new laptop and that the date was 29th June. GST was to be implemented from 1st July onwards. I called up dad and told him how we had to buy a laptop in two days. I had bookmarked a deal on Amazon that had a seller selling for 56,000-something. But, when I checked it again, the price he was now selling at was Rs. 63,000. I was frustrated.

I must have literally called up 20 stores from both Mumbai and Pune for the price of MacBook Air and if I could avail a student discount. It was troublesome as there was no enough strength in the signal for my Jio sim. I had to use my mom's phone. I spent an entire day of the 29th June by calling up stores and I'm not lying. 

Finally, in a premium Apple reselling store in Pune, I got the deal at Rs. 59,999. This was the cheapest I could get and that too without any student discount. My cousin Ishan had come along with me to buy.

I was all excited. However, while making payment, the card got declined as there was a limit to card payment. From 12:30 pm to 4:30 pm, we were in the store, hoping that the servers worked. I called up dad and he said he would transfer via NEFT to their account. One of the banks said their server was down pan India, so he had to go to some other bank. Finally he transferred 50,000 from it, but as it was a pre-GST day, the servers were working at a tortoise's speed. Then at 4:30 pm, the store received the payment. The store manager swiped my card for remaining Rs.9,999. And then, the beautiful box of MacBook Air was in my hands.

The funny thing is, I could not fiddle with it immediately as I had to go for my aunt's mehendi ceremony. I came home and then could touch it. The struggle behind owning a new laptop was too much. I concluded that one can never get a thing he desires easily; one has to fight in order to win it. It was true in my case.

So this one has 8 GB RAM, 128 GB storage capacity, and is a 13-inch laptop. The build quality is impressive, the space between keys is sufficient, and it's lightweight. I think it's perfect for a writer like me.

Do you have any stories like this to share? I would love to hear them.