Monday, 17 July 2017

300+ Study Tips for College Students

When I changed my blog's theme, I also had in mind shifting the "Nerdy" category. If you've been following TPCG since a long time, then you must have seen the categories I had before. "Nerdy" was one of the categories back then, under which I shared all the study and college related tips. But since I'm under the 'Transform Blog' phase, in which I'm transforming TPCG from a preppy college blog to a mature blog, I had to shift this "Nerdy" category as well.

Now, I have moved it to the side panel on the right. If you're a student and would like to go through endless study tips, then just click on that image and you'll have an ocean of study tips. There are many reasons why I so badly want people to read the tips. Firstly, it's because they're first hand tips coming from a topper herself. And I'm not one of those geeky students who always is hooked with her books. I'm someone who starts studying for her exams a month before. I honestly think it is the perfect time to study and I know for sure because of the grades on my marksheet!

The second reason for why I want people to read these study tips is because of the amount of time and efforts I've put behind them. Even during my finals, I used to sit and write. It would mean a lot if you went through the tips and executed them while studying.

Hope you check them out soon and they prove beneficial for your career!