Thursday, 1 June 2017

June 2017 Goals

June for me is all about birthdays and rain. Earlier it used to be rain and school! Anyway, these are my goals for June:

June has birthdays of my four important people--mom, brother, and two best friends. I hope I make them happy on their special days. I somehow get worried when important dates come nearby, because I'm always unprepared. I hope I gift them something they would cherish.
I'm determined to make my Instagram account famous. I'm sick of companies thinking I'm not a good blogger because my followers are less. This is going to take time, but I know I will achieve it. I'm so damn determined, you have no idea. I have around 200 photos ready to be published. I'm thinking of setting monthly targets. Today morning the followers were 1,684; I wanna have minimum of 1,750 followers towards the end of June. That means I need 66 more followers to reach June's target. (As I finish writing this post, the followers count reaches to 1,702. Yay!)

I haven't shared an outfit post in long. June will have minimum of two outfit posts.

June = Rain and Rain = Trips; so June = Trips. It's such a simple equation. Mostly on 15th and 16th, I'll be going for white river rafting with friends. I hope the plan's successful. I'm waiting for my viva dates to be announced though.

I'll be having my final viva in June. The last-something for my postgraduation degree, then I'll be free! I just have to be well prepared for it, because I have forgotten most of what I'd researched.

What are your goals for June?