Friday, 30 June 2017

June 2017 Favourites

I am typing this on my new MacBook Air. I am so overwhelmed as it is my first Apple product. I had decided of buying Apple products from my savings, which was possible next year. But, my parents bought it before that. (The reason? I'll tell it soon.)

Like I've written above, I had no idea that I would get an Apple product so soon. All thanks to the situation we were in. My dad got a job in Dubai and he would be needing a laptop there. We had three laptops––Microsoft Surface Pro 4, Sony Vaio, and Asus Transformer. Out of that, the Asus one is only a 10-inch laptop, due to which, working becomes difficult. So if we chuck that laptop, we were left with only two, Surface and Sony. There are three laptop users and only two productive laptops. We had to buy a third one, hence this Air.
It's a 13-inch laptop with 8 GB RAM and 128 GB storage capacity, which works just well with me. I got it for Rs. 59,999 from an apple premium selling store in Pune. I'll write a special post on it, so stay tuned. 

My river rafting and camping trip was a memorable one and it comes under favourites especially because of river rafting. Though it was not as thrilling as I'd expected it to be, I'm contented that I tried out a new nature sport. Now river rafting is off my bucket list.

I'm in Pune and it's always special when I'm here. More than catching up with family, I am happier to have purchased my laptop here. Additionally, it's cold and I'm loving it.

I was a little tensed regarding my viva, because vivas are unpredictable. You don't know who the examiner would be, and most importantly, how he/she would be. The scarier part was that I had finished writing my research study in April and the viva happened in June. I had forgotten everything that I had studied, and had to revise it before viva. I was honestly in no mood to revise, so I was worried about how it would go. 
The examiner was a lot more inquisitive than I'd imagined her to be, but I smiled back at her and defended my answers.

My Instagram account boosted up like crazy in this month. I started out with 1,063 followers on June 1st, and right now, the followers-count is 2,281. Splendid! My followers increased by 1,218!  I did a lot of tricks to achieve this. Initially my goal was to make 2,000 followers, but when I surpassed it, I had set it to 2,500. But the days left were only three and the situation was tough. I was a little dubious of achieving the newly set target. Anyway, achieving 1,218 followers in one month is certainly worth celebrating.

June was a prosperous month with respect to collaborations. I got three companies who collaborated with me. One was Ryaal, and I have written a review of their eucalyptus oil. Next was Vedantika Herbals and I have reviewed their two products––a skin polishing scrub and a lemongrass face wash. And just few days back, Pixie Dust Box contacted me for collaboration. They will send the box soon, and after trying out the products, the review will come up in July.

How was your June? What are your June favourites?