Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Ice Cream | Instagram Compilation


My refrigerator currently has two flavoured ice cream boxes in it--chocolate chip flavour and cookies & cream one. I absolutely love both of them very dearly. For the letter I, I'm gonna compile all the pictures of ice cream I have ever posted on my Instagram account (and thus tease you all too). I will also share a story behind each.

We had this one at Shanghai's amusement park. This was a break from all the crazy rides. You can read the full day's diary here. It was a Sunday and I loved the way the ice cream looked on the mini cone.

Just what I had during my summer vacation! It's butterscotch and chocolate chip mix.

I had had this at someone's place, because the bowl do not belong to my house. I don't remember whose place it was though. It's butterscotch as you can see!

There's this homemade ice cream parlour in my city. The taste is so good and especially during the mango-season, the mango flavoured ice cream is a must try. I love this good old parlour! I had been here with my mom, after vegetable shopping!

This is the vanilla ice cream of McDonald's. The brown thing you see is the brownie. I was with my best friend Anurag this time.

Me, mom, and dad had been on a family trip to Daman. My brother was studying in UK those days so obviously he couldn't join us. We stayed at Hotel Sea Rock Inn and the trip was a great experience, especially because I had never been to Daman before.

This was shot a couple of days ago at my best friend Karthika's place. It's a chocolate chip flavoured ice cream.

This was the summer vacation when I was baking cookies and cakes. I had sprinkled chocolate sprinkles on top of chocolate and almond cream flavours. 

We never eat fancy sundaes. My dad got for me and brother one random evening. I was delighted by the cute packaging and the sundaes were yummy too!

When was the last time you had ice cream, and which flavour?