Monday, 16 May 2016

The #SlonkitChallenge

Hi there, guys! So I have accepted the #SlonkitChallenge wherein I will have to save money from my total pocket money of each month, which is Rs.2,000. I will have to save more than Rs.500 as for now. But, yes, saving money does not mean living like a miser. I will not be compromising much on my spends! This means I should be able to shop like I usually do, and go out as frequently as I do, yet save more by the end of the month!

This is my first week and I am excited to kick off the challenge! 

How am I going to do this? The Slonkit app is going to show me how much money and where I am spending on a daily basis, so I am more aware of how much money I have left to spend. Rather than wondering where all the money went at the end of the month, I will get a real-time update on my spending. And the best part is that I will also get discounts at many places using the Slonkit card. To name a few, there are discounts on Snapdeal, Myntra, CCD, Zomato, and Swiggy, other than offers in local restaurants in Mumbai, Pune and Delhi. Due to this, I should be able to meet my goal of stretching money.

If you also want to participate in the #SlonkitChallenge or just experience Slonkit, you can use my referral code RUT574Q3 to register and get Rs.50 in your Slonkit account! 

So for those of you who are wondering what Slonkit is, here's the answer: I ordered my Slonkit card last week from the Slonkit app (without any documentation or fees) and the card was delivered to me yesterday. The Slonkit card is just like a debit card, except you cannot withdraw money from ATM. It is powered by VISA and DCB Bank and you can use it as a VISA card otherwise. I think this card is fantastic as you need not open a bank account to get it. All you have to do is add money in the Slonkit account using the Slonkit mobile app. You can add up to Rs.10,000 in a month. 

What I really liked about this product is the ease of managing it. Usually, when you lose a credit card, you have to call the bank, provide your card details and then get it blocked. But with Slonkit, you can simply suspend the card with one click on the Slonkit app if you feel the card has been stolen or misplaced. Another very convenient add-on is that you can set the card's PIN any time on the app, no need to go to an ATM. 

I kind of feel like a grown-up to have more than one card. This card looks stunning, I swear! So, if you order a Rs.200 worth coffee from CCD, you'll get 25% off, which will make your coffee cost Rs.150. I ordered something from Zomato today and got 15% off. (Read this to know what!)

I'll quickly explain how you can get and use this card:

Firstly, you'll need to download the Slonkit app on your cellphone. Sign up using your details. Select whether you're a parent or a child. Order your own Slonkit card. You'll have to fill details like your address, name, date of birth, etc. Then, you'll have to add some money in the card; the minimum you can add is Rs.200 and the maximum is Rs.10,000. Add money using Debit card, Credit card, or via net banking. Your card will be delivered to you within 7 working days, that too, free of cost. Once the card is home, open the Slonkit app, and click on Activate Card. You'll be required to add details that are on the card like validity of the card and the number of it. Then, you can set a PIN.

After this, you can carry out your transactions whenever you want. There are discounts and offers written in the Offers section. Please refer to the Terms of each offer before placing an order.

P.S. I'll be writing more on how I am doing on the #SlonkitChallenge, so watch this space!