Monday, 7 April 2014

22 Rom-Coms You Will Love (With Trailers)

Another list of movies that I love. (They are not arranged in order.) I love romantic-comedies more than girly movies.

ONE // A Lot Like Love

Amanda Peet and Ashton Kutcher's movie. It's a funny movie, especially the stupid yet cute acts that the actors do in it.

TWO // Crazy, Stupid, Love.

This movie has an ensemble cast. And it has Ryan Gosling in it. I bet you'll drool over him in this movie too.

THREE // Definitely, Maybe

Ryan Reynold's movie, with three actresses, amongst which he chooses one in the end.

FOUR // He's Just Not That Into You

This is my favourite! One single movie having so many oh-my-God-sexy people in it. From Ben Affleck to Bradley Cooper and Scarlett Johansson to Jennifer Conelly. OMG.

FIVE // When In Rome

I watched it mainly because of Josh Duhamel. My cousin sister and I crushed on him together while we watched his movie Safe Haven. He is simply WOW.

SIX // The Ugly Truth

Amazingly funny, and Gerard Butler looks so hot in it. Katherine Heigl is definitely cute! I love the chemistry that builds up between them, gradually.

SEVEN // Valentine's Day

Another favourite romcom. I love the movies having an ensemble cast. There are so many actors in it, and everyone is soo lovely.

EIGHT // No Strings Attached

Natalie Portman looks cute in this, and so does Ashton. The theme of this movie is good. I guess you can figure out what the story is about by its title.

NINE // 27 Dresses

I'm not sure whether it is a romantic comedy. I'd listed it in the GIRLY movies list for TPCG.

TEN // The Proposal

This is one of those first romantic comedy movies I've watched and fell in love instantly.
Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds!

ELEVEN // Forgetting Sarah Marshall

I don't think I've watched it completely. It's about a guy trying to forget his ex girlfriend Sarah Marshall. 
Reading the movie's name, I'd thought it was a sad and a romantic movie, but after watching it, I was so shocked. 

TWELVE // Hitch

The American version of the Bollywood movie Partner. Will Smith is a LEGEND.

THIRTEEN // She's All That

I like the story so much, that I adapted it in a very original soap of mine. Remember the Mtv Project I'd done? I'd got 8 on 10 for that project. That story was sort of similar to this.
It's about a famous high school boy falling in love with a not-so-famous nerdy girl. I love such stories.

FOURTEEN // She's Out Of My League

I liked the guy's family so much. The scene "F*** you Debbie, f*** you Dylan, fuck you Dad, fuck you...businessman, I'm sorry; and most of all, f*** you Marnie, you evil little dwarf. So f*** you all! Yep." the most. I bet you'll love it.
Oh and the actress is smokin' hot. 

FIFTEEN // What Happens in Vegas

Well, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. 

SIXTEEN // Life As We Know It

A movie with three cute people -- Katherine Heigl, Josh Duhamel and the baby!
It's a must-watch!

SEVENTEEN // Win A Date With Tad Hamilton!

I wish the end wasn't so bad.

EIGHTEEN // The Switch

This is such a cute movie. The actor who is Jennifer Aniston's best friend in the movie is so down to earth, caring, and extremely good looking (though he is sort of old)!

NINETEEN // A Cinderella Story

I watched it only for Lucas Scott (Chad Michael Murray). And the chubby little Hilary Duff looks cute in it. And I liked the story too.

TWENTY // This Is 40

Paul Rudd is AMAZING. I hated the actress' voice, but anyway the film is good. Plus it has Megan Fox playing a side-role.
It's about mid-life crisis.

TWENTY ONE // Love Actually

Yet another large ensemble cast. And yet another good movie.

TWENTY TWO // Just Friends

Ryan (HOT) Reynolds is the lead in it. I could never watch this movie completely, because it gets pretty boring in the middle (around the interval).

Towards the end I realized that I've watched romcoms only for the male actors in it. Sigh, I cannot help; some of them are way too hot.

Do you like Rom-Coms?